The ACP Roadshow visits ‘Steel City’

On 4 December 2023 Sheffield High School for Girls hosted the ACP’s roadshow presentation to 102 students and staff from several schools in one of the most important centres of the first industrial revolution – Sheffield – which gained the nickname ‘steel city’ due to its development of crucible steel and stainless steel.

We were joined by Nathaniel West from Hybrid Air Vehicles, a flight sciences engineer, who explained both his company’s Airlander 10 – the largest aircraft in the world which will also be carbon zero by the end of the decade – and his career journey to date as an engineer in the aerospace industry. However, as is so often the way, with Chris Marshall at the controls, now assisted by Mike Stokes, a new member of the ACP presentation team who is also responsible for our digital communications, Spot stole the show as did our now very substantial AR/VR capability.

For the opportunity to undertake the day we are extremely grateful to Mrs Nina Gunson, School Head, and in particular, to Sarah Metcalfe-Murgatroyd, Head of Careers, who made all the internal arrangements and looked after us so well. As a memento, Dr Smith presented Sarah with a 3D printed model of the BAE Systems led Tempest sixth generation fighter.

Featured image credit: The Engineer