School Presentations Roadshow

A key element of the ACP outreach to young people is our direct presentations face-to-face at schools across the country.

Having split the UK into seven ‘regions’ the ACP visits several host schools in each region per year – that particular school in turn hosts a substantial number of other schools, both independent and state, for our presentation. With an increasing number of host schools per region over a number of years the coverage of schools across the entire UK becomes substantial.

Presentations emphasise the emerging technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, such as artificial intelligence, the internet-of-things (IoT), quantum computing, virtual reality, big data, blockchain and so on, and incorporate extensive audio visual aids including video and demonstration equipment such as robotics, plus associated industry experts to answer questions directly from students and teachers.

Taking industry direct to students

Each presentation event is divided into two parts. The first, lasting two hours, is an inter-active presentation supported by extensive audio-visual aids, including video, and physical items such as a Boston Dynamics robot and a replica NASA space suit. Additionally, a camera equipped drone is used to take photos/video film. Second, a breakout session of 1.5 hours involving four ‘areas’ – two with the ACP featuring technologies such as robotics, virtual reality and 3D printing – and two featuring potential employers within our three industries supported by their own electronic and physical equipment/careers material. The breakout session is an opportunity for students and teachers/careers advisers to ask questions and seek direct advice.

All of this is backed-up with links to our website which provides increasing information about these technologies, the aerospace, space and aviation industries and the career opportunities they offer. Continued digital communications thereafter is via a point of contact within the school until the young person reaches the age of 18 when contact becomes direct.

Current Planned ACP Presentations for Academic Year 2023/24

Date School
13 September 2023 Bromley High School
14 & 15 September 2023 Colchester County High School for Girls
22 September 2023 Bablake School (Coventry)
2 October 2023 St. Albans High School
6 October 2023 West Buckland School (Barnstaple)
7 November 2023 William Perkin High School (Greenford)
14 November 2023 St. Francis College (Letchworth Garden City)
4 December 2023 Sheffield School for Girls
27 February 2024 Queen Ethelburga's College (York)
4 March 2024 The Cedars Academy (Leicester)
5 March 2024 Sir Jonathan North College (Leicester)
27 March 2024 Wilson's School (Wallington)
24 April 2024 The Knights Templar School (Herts)
9 July 2024 Abbey Wood Community School
12 July 2024 Winton Community Academy

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Get in Touch

Hosting an ACP roadshow is free of charge, if you would like your school to be involved with the presentations in your area, please contact us via the following form: