The Schools’ ACP welcomes a new Support Team Member

The Board of Trustees is delighted to welcome Lee Mason to the Support Team. Lee is a digital artist who’s been exploring and teaching digital creation software for over 20 years. A firm believer in the profound synergy between the digital and physical realms, he utilizes cutting-edge technologies including AI, VR, AR and blockchain tools to rapidly iterate on design concepts as well as embark on a creative exploration that transcends conventional boundaries. In recent years Lee’s work has been exhibited in New York, Paris, Miami and London. You can see his portfolio on Instagram.

Always an early adopter and enthusiastic sharer of new creative technology he has directed businesses, lead design teams, designed the UKs first internet banking site, spoken at TEDx and introduced creative tools to people from all walks of life between the ages of 8 and 88. Also a keen promoter and curator, he has hosted many digital art events both in real life and within his own VR environments.

Lee joins the ACP team as a VR practitioner showcasing how spatial design tools can inspire focused creative sessions, speed up the design process and enable immersive remote collaboration.