ACP visits the medieval town of Baldock

On 24 April the presentation team of Michael Smith, Chris Marshall, Mike Stokes and Lee Mason, joined by Craig Jones and Nat West from Hybrid Air Vehicles, were hosted by the Knights Templar School in the medieval market town of Baldock. The school takes its name from the 12th century founders of the town – the religious warriors and forerunners of modern banking – the Knights Templar.

The Team would like to extend its heartiest thanks to Edward Hutchings, Headteacher who, personally, hosted them for the day, to Fiona Roper who made all the internal arrangements and ensured that everything went smoothly, and to all the other members of staff who hosted and supported them so well.

Finally, they are most grateful indeed to: first, Hybrid Air Vehicles – one of the ACP’s growing list of superb supporting companies and organisations – for the assistance they provide to the ACP when their rapidly developing business commitments allow; and second to the hundred strong audience of pupils and teachers who made it all so worthwhile!