Hybrid Air Vehicles joins the Schools Aerospace Careers Programme

The Schools Aerospace Careers Programme (ACP) is extremely pleased to announce that Hybrid Air Vehicles Limited (HAV) – a UK based leader in sustainable aircraft technology – is now working with the ACP to encourage young people across the UK to explore not just STEM, but also careers in the multi-faceted and global aerospace industry.

HAV is the world leader in hybrid aircraft technology. Their first production aircraft, Airlander 10, will deliver up to a 90% reduction in emissions compared to other aircraft in a similar role, before attaining zero emissions by 2030. Airlander 10 is the world’s most efficient large aircraft and provides unmatched operational flexibility by combining the best of fixed-wing aircraft with technologies derived in the lighter-than-air sector. HAV’s technology offers substantial cost savings, minimal environmental impact, and logistical benefits that cannot be matched by other forms of aviation.

The aim of the ACP is to encourage the interest of young people of all socio-economic, ethnic and educational backgrounds, with a particular emphasis on girls as well as boys, in technology generally and, specifically, provide them with a permanent, UK-wide, careers advisory and support service in respect of the aerospace, space and aviation industries. The Programme meets face-to-face through our annual roadshows to groups of schools an ever-increasing number of young people, one year building on the next, and then continuously provides them and their schools with regularly updated careers information and practical support digitally and via our in-person ACP Network which includes all people as they progress their careers – and all companies, organisations and schools involved in the Programme – everything being free for the young people.

Tom Grundy, CEO of Hybrid Air Vehicles, said, “We are committed to contributing to a sustainable future and having a positive impact on those around us. Our team are passionate about inspiring the next generation of engineers and aviation professionals, and we look forward to working with the ACP to reach as many students as we can over the coming months and years.”

Dr Michael Smith, Chairman of ACP, added that: “With sustainability being a global imperative, the ACP is absolutely delighted to have Hybrid Air Vehicles join us as we continue to excite young people’s interest UK-wide in this most high-tech, versatile, diverse and innovative of industries – aerospace.”

For more information about Hybrid Air Vehicles, please visit https://www.hybridairvehicles.com/