SaxaVord Spaceport joins with the Schools’ Aerospace Careers Programme

The Schools’ Aerospace Careers Programme (ACP) is extremely pleased to announce that the SaxaVord Spaceport – the first and only Spaceport in the UK to receive a license for vertical launch of satellites to sun synchronous and polar orbit – is now working with the ACP to encourage young people across the UK to explore not just STEM, but also careers in the multi-faceted and global aerospace and space industries.

The Spaceport in Unst, Shetland has a spaceport license for 30 launches per year from 3 launch pads. Pad 1 will see German company Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA) undertake stage testing this spring and launch later this summer. Lockheed Martin working with ABL Systems are the UK Pathfinder project and detailed discussions on the technical requirements for their pad are taking place. The Spaceport has installed two ground stations and is downloading data continually; it is planned to install a worldwide network.

Debbie Strang, Chief Operating Officer, said:

“Creating excitement throughout the UK and engaging young people in the building of the Spaceport is a key priority for us and we have developed an Education Strategy with partners to ensure we are playing our part towards encouraging young people to take STEM subjects. We are excited to partner with ACP who are working on a whole host of initiatives to engage with young people and feel that we can contribute positively with our up-to-date and very real experience in creating the UK’s first vertical spaceport.”

Dr Michael Smith, Chair of the ACP, added that: “Although it is not always recognised, space is a very important part of how we live, work and behave today, and the technologies involved are increasing and developing at an exponential pace! The science fiction of yesterday, is the science of today, and the adventure of tomorrow. Just consider this fact, there are only two technologies applied in the Star Trek films that are, as yet, not practical: warp drive to overcome the limitation of the speed of light; and teleportation. And the theory for both is already known.

But it is the young people of today and every generation that are, and will, make these discoveries and developments happen. So it is incumbent on each generation to encourage this advance for the betterment of us all. That is why the ACP is so pleased to be joining with the SaxaVord Spaceport’s very forward looking education strategy and doing our bit to reach out, enthuse and support those new generations.”

For more information about the SaxaVord Spaceport please visit www.saxavord.com or contact info@shetlandspacecentre.com
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