Spot helps out a ‘Speaker for Schools’

Dr Michael Smith, our Chairman, and a presenter with ‘Speakers for Schools’, was joined by Chris Marshall from Airborne Platforms UK – and Spot – at a ‘Speaker for Schools’ talk he gave at Barton Peverill College, Hampshire, on 21 March. Spot was in great form, especially now he has his own ChatGPT capability and a range of voices. Along with Chris Marshall he answered many questions personally, even from one pupil who wanted to know ‘the meaning of life!’.

What was even more important was that, courtesy of the event, the ACP was able to reach out to another packed house of young people – they were even standing against the walls of the theatre and sitting on the stairs. So we express our very grateful thanks to the Speakers for Schools charity for arranging the talk and, in particular, to Clare Powell from Barton Peveril College who organized the event as part of their ‘Aspire’ programme and supported us so well during the afternoon.