The ACP Roadshow visits Leicester

On 5 March 2024 Sir Jonathan North College for Girls hosted the ACP Roadshow presentation in Leicester, the final resting place of Richard III, the last Plantagenet King of England. The City, the largest in the East Midlands, has a very multi-cultural history reaching back 2,000 years, first Roman, then Anglo-Saxon, then Viking, and eventually British.

We were delighted to be joined by Emily Maczka, Reece Legg and Alex Maggs from GKN Aerospace and by Manasvi Chandrakant from Babcock International plus pupils – both boys and girls – from four local schools. The audience were introduced to the new technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and, in particular, to two related industries that are adopting these technologies at a rapid rate and, therefore, are offering Generations Z, and shortly Alpha, an increasing range of extremely exciting and cutting-edge careers globally – aerospace and space.

For the opportunity to undertake the day we are extremely grateful to Mrs. Rose Angus, the College’s Principal, The Trustees of the Lionheart Educational Trust and, in particular, to Carl Hartley who made all the internal arrangements and looked after us so well. Thank You!