The Schools’ Aerospace Careers Programme Charity exists to support all young people and educational establishments across the UK with external, independent, up-to-date careers advice in respect of engineering based industries, especially aerospace, and aviation. It works with its industry partners and schools to provide its services free of charge as part of its charitable aim.


Our Mission

to encourage the interest of young people in technology generally and, specifically, provide them with a permanent, UK-wide, careers advisory and support service in respect of the aerospace, space, aviation, and associated industries;



a source of continually updated and relevant careers information about current and potential career opportunities and the routes into those careers;


Our Approach

to undertake UK-wide roadshow presentations and a highly active network that brings young people and companies face-to-face, all backed up by digital support.

The ACP caters for young people of all backgrounds aged 14 and upwards.

Not only do we provide careers advice to those young people who feel their future is in the aerospace, space and aviation industries, but with the generous help of our industry partners we offer network experiences free of charge to further inspire!

Exploring Partners and Contacts

And with our industry partners in mind, please go to the Partner Companies & Organisations page and click on their respective logos to go straight to their websites. Also, have a look on our Useful Contacts page and explore the various entries.

Inspiration for all

The ACP is continuously developing as we implement our project plans year on year. Our digital output is rapidly growing, and several thousand young people are attending our face-to-face presentations across the UK each year. We look forward to inspiring more young people to follow their dreams.