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The Metaverse

The following is an extract from another article by McKinsey & Company, this time dated August 17, 2023. What is the Metaverse The metaverse is the emerging 3-D-enabled digital space that uses virtual reality, augmented reality, and other advanced internet and semiconductor technology to allow people to have lifelike personal and business experiences online. If […]

Digital Twin Technology

The following is an extract from a McKinsey & Company article dated July 12, 2023. What would you do if you had a copy of yourself? A digital doppelgänger, identical to you in every way, in an accurate digital rendering of your home, workplace, neighbourhood, or city? Even better: What if the digital version of […]

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

The following is a blog from dated 24 February 2022 which explains the relationship between blockchain and cryptocurrency, two terms that are often used together. While they are two distinctly different technologies, they are also inherently intertwined with one another. Essentially a digitalized, decentralized, public ledger, blockchain is a formation of digital information, or […]

The Fifth Industrial Revolution

The term ‘fourth industrial revolution’ was coined by Klaus Schwab in 2016 and, as he pointed out, one of its unique characteristics compared to the three industrial revolutions that had preceded it was that it was progressing at an exponential rate. It is no surprise, therefore, that we are now talking about the ‘fifth industrial […]